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Mon 20 March 2023

Damage was shown at a special screening for donors and invited guests at the Randwick Ritz cinema in Sydney on 20 March 2023. It was followed by a Q&A with director Madeleine Blackwell.

Audience members give their feedback after watching the Sydney screening of Damage.


Fri 29 July 2022

The La Foa Film Festival continues to bring independent cinema to life in the Overseas Territories. For its 24th anniversary, organized from July 22 to 31, the New Caledonian event will take over the dark rooms of La Foa, Nouméa and other partner municipalities (Dumbéa, Boulouparis...). Faithful to its ideal of promoting the “filmmakers of tomorrow”, the festival will welcome Australian director, actress and screenwriter Madeleine Blackwell. After two remarkable short films (Father, Elsewhere), the Australian filmmaker will come to defend her first feature film, Damage (2022). This comedy-drama depicts the encounter between an illegal taxi driver and an old lady with dementia in their deeply human quest to reach a "vague destination".  


Fri May 28 2021

Our Most Anticipated Australian Films of 2021


Also a first feature, by Madeleine Blackwell after a long career as a television actress. Produced by Sharon Cleary, Peter Thurmer and Blackwell herself. 

Synopsis: This intimate two-hander pairs a couple who, at first glance, appear to be opposites in every way. Old Australia meets new Australia. Ali is not a citizen, he drives a taxi on another man’s license and relies on the GPS to negotiate a city he doesn’t know. Esther is an old woman who gets into his taxi and forgets where she is going. She can’t remember, and he can’t forget the tragedies of his native land that have brought him here. 

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