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Damage received its first Q&A screening session at the Cinema Nova in Melbourne as part of the film's national release. After watching the film, the audience was treated to a Q&A with director Madeleine Blackwell and lead actor Ali Al Jenabi in a discussion moderated by Shawn Miller. The event was recorded and the video will be released soon.

There are two upcoming Q&A screenings planned for Sydney and Adelaide. More information is available on the Where to Watch page.

Damage was the recipient of a positive review by reviewer Julian Wood for Filmink. It received a rating using their ticket value system of $16.00 from their maximum $20.00. Wood comments: "In its understated way, this is quite a powerful examination of the various forms of damage that life can bring, and the strategies people must adopt to survive them."

Read the full review on Filmink.

Damage was the subject of a positive review by Barry Hill OAM of Stage Whispers. He shares: "It features two magnificent performances from Ali Al Jenabi and Imelda Bourke and is a timely reminder that true acceptance is something that develops slowly but ultimately rewards us in many ways, sometimes unseen!"

Read the full review on Stage Whispers.

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