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Madeleine appeared on 2SER in an interview with Jono of the program Tuesday Drive. She spoke about her personal approach to crafting the film and comments on the world occupied by the two characters.

Listen to the interview on 2SER.

Damage received a positive review from The Movie Musings. The reviewer comments: "It's clear watching this film that [director Madeleine Blackwell] cares and wants to use her creativity to make a change or at least shine a light on problematic subjects. This is ultimately a human story about two people from very different places and seeks to find the commonality between us all."

Read the full review on The Movie Musings.


Damage received a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars from reviewer Mark Morellini of CityHub. He observes: "Cultures clash in this low budget yet powerful and thought-provoking Australian movie, when two people from totally different backgrounds spend several hours together driving around in a taxi."

Read the full review on CityHub.

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