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Damage was the subject of a positive review by Barry Hill OAM of Stage Whispers. He shares: "It features two magnificent performances from Ali Al Jenabi and Imelda Bourke and is a timely reminder that true acceptance is something that develops slowly but ultimately rewards us in many ways, sometimes unseen!"

Read the full review on Stage Whispers.


Madeleine was interviewed by Sean Slatter of IF for his article "Madeleine Blackwell finds a way forward for debut feature ‘Damage’". It covers the eventful creation process including the storyline origins and Madeleine's recruitment of actor Ali Al Jenabi.

Read the full article on the IF website.


Madeleine appeared on 2SER in an interview with Jono of the program Tuesday Drive. She spoke about her personal approach to crafting the film and comments on the world occupied by the two characters.

Listen to the interview on 2SER.

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